RnD Projects

Electrosparks has extensive experience with the latest technologies and has successfully completed the following projects

Created a working prototype of “Smart shopping center” using RFID technology programmed in C#

Full scale Greenhouse: Control temperature and humidity

Shoe for blind (Us ultrasonic sensors, vibrator, buzzer)

Smart road studs (RGB led; mesh network communication using Zigbee)

Smart following suitcase with tilt detection and SMS notification

Smart robotic candy sorting arm.

Created a working prototype of “Makah Pilgrim portal” using RFID technology programmed in C#

Easycom project for Microsoft Imagine cup. Won national first place (Imagine Cup 2015)

Industrial pipe cleaning robot with video feedback

Smart patient medical box (Robot that dispenses medicine smartly)

Night vision robot with live streaming

Robot that detects road signs and drives autonomously

Made prototype of rain water electricity generator

(EEG) Brain controlled wheelchair 

LPR based smart parking system (POE sensor developed)

Smart traffic light system : Auto navigates ambulances and police cars to shortest path automatically opening junctions in the path

FPV Quadcopter designed from scratch

Word sorting robot

Full scale wind turbine (6m height with control room)

Telepresence robot (Using Skype API)

IOT based smart teddy bear (Imagine Cup National Finalist)

Autonomous car

Voice controlled smart wheelchair

Restaurant serving robot

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