Recent Projects

  1. Created a working prototype of “Smart shopping center” using RFID technology programmed in c#
  2. Created a working prototype of “Makah Pilgrim portal” using RFID technology programmed in c#
  3. Created a working prototype of “Smart university help portal” using RFID technology programmed in c#
  4. Made prototype of rain water electricity generator
  5. BLDC for Shell eco marathon
  6. Chicken egg incubator with temperature and humidity control
  7. Created basic ALU(Arithmetic Logic Unit)
  8. Won the third price in university science fair for the project “Transmissometer
  9. Won second price in university science fair for project “RFID Applications (haj portal, university portal and smart shopping center)”
  10. Created“Speakers for AUX IN devices” to amplify device sound
  11. Simple “Battery level detector” by using an Op-Amp as a comparator
  12. Full scale wind turbine (6m height with control room)
  13. Full scale Greenhouse: Control temperature and humidity
  14. Mini solar car controlled with joystick
  15. Easycom project for Microsoft Imagine cup. Won national first place (Imagine Cup 2015)
  16. (EEG) Brain controlled wheelchair Final year project
  17. Projects Using microcontrollers
  18. New authentication system
  19. Simple home security system (using ultrasonic sensor)
  20. Water irrigation system
  21. Telepresence robot (Using Skype API)
  22. Simple Ultrasonic distance sensor
  23. Farm irrigation system
  24. Tachometer & Stepper motor controller
  25. Vibrating pillow alarm
  26. Shoe for blind (Us ultrasonic sensors, vibrator, buzzer)
  27. RFID Haj Kiosk for pilgrims
  28. Sound amplifying speaker
  29. DC power supply design (3A)
  30. Current measurement and protection system using non invasive current sensor
  31. Portable Solar charger
  32. Heart rate sensor for drowsy driver project
  33. Smart home system
  34. Temperature controlled container
  35. New authentication system based in holed cards
  36. Tachometer using hall affect sensor
  37. Automatic white board wiping system
  38. Transmissometer(to measure visibility)
  39. Power generation through rain fall
  40. Smart parking system
  41. Basic ALU-arithmetic logic unit
  42. Line following robot
  43. Light catching arcade game
  44. Portable iPhone charger
  45. Battery level indicator
  46. Smart home control
  47. Home security system with sound, obstacle detection and SMS alert
  48. Automatic plant irrigation
  49. Stepper motor controller and tachometer
  50. Solar powered wheelchair controlled by joystick
  51. Solar power station (100 Watts)
  52. Vertical wind turbine (made the RPM sensor and braking system)
  53. Automatic Solar tracker
  54. 3 Degree of freedom robotic arm (Mobile)
  55. Designed and programmed custom wind speed sensor
  56. Industrial pipe cleaning robot with video feedback
  57. Emergency traffic light green wave system  
  58. LPR based smart parking system (POE sensor developed)
  59. Bluetooth controlled robot
  60. IOT based smart teddy bear (Imagine Cup National Finalist)
  61. Power control and monitoring system (Using CTs ; control using IR)
  62. Smart road studs (RGB led; mesh network communication using Zigbee)
  63. Smart patient medical box (Robot that dispenses medicine smartly)
  64. Radar system to detect speed of vehicle and trigger actuator
  65. Smart traffic light system : Auto navigates ambulances and police cars to shortest path automatically opening junctions in the path
  66. Autonomous car
  67. Smart following suitcase with tilt detection and SMS notification
  68. Night vision robot with live streaming
  69. FPV Quadcopter designed from scratch
  70. Smart monitoring system (Electrical load and water consumption)
  71. Voice controlled smart wheelchair
  72. Smart robotic candy sorting arm.
  73. Robot that detects road signs and drives autonomously
  74. Word sorting robot
  75. Restaurant serving robot
  76. IOT dustbin
  77. IOT rain water sensor
  78. IOT water level detector
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