UNO R3 Starter Kit


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UNO R3 Starter Kit

Breadboard Resistor Temperature Sensor Module 1602 LCD Electronic Starter Learning Kit for Arduinos UNO R3

Package Included:
1 X Remote Control
1 X Electronic components box
1 X 830 Tie point breadboard
30 X Male to Male Jump wires
1 X 10P female to female jump wire
1 X 4-digit digital tube
1 X 1-digit digital tube
1 X 8*8 Metrix module
1 X ULN2003 drvier
1 X  uno r3
1 X Protoshield with breadboard
1 X 1602 LCD
1 X USB Cable
1 X 40P pin header
1 X Stepper motor
1 X 9g servo
1 X Active buzzer
1 X Passive buzzer
4 X Switch button
4 X Yellow switch button cap
1 X Battery box
5 X 5mm red led
5 X 5mm yellow led
5 X 5mm blue led
5 X 1K resistor
5 X 10K resistor
8 X 220R resistor
1 X Adjustable resistor
1 X HDX Tilt sensor
3 X Photoresistor
1 X Flame sensor
1 X Infrared reciever sensor
1 X LM35DZ temperature sensor
1 X 74HC595
1 X Plastic box

(Note: As it is risk to ship the battery, so the 9V battery NOT included. please buy it in other online store or your local shop.)


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