Payment Methods

Payment methods:

You may pay by any of the following methods:


-Credit Card

We accept Visa, and MasterCard


-Debit Card

We accept MADA


-Bank Transfer

We accept Bank transfer to one of our bank accounts:


Albilad Bank

IBAN Number: SA2015000872130756850001



Alahli Bank

IBAN Number: SA2810000005100000355200

مؤسسة رمز الاتقان لتقنية المعلومات


Use this option to get your order in the system now and handle payment later. It’s also useful if you need a quote to get a purchase approved. Place the order with this option and use the resulting invoice as the quote. Then the order is sitting right here waiting for you once payment is available.

If you no longer need the order as placed, please contact Customer Support so we can cancel it.

This option is not available for guest checkout.


-Paypal:(coming soon)

If you select PayPal during checkout, you will be redirected to that website, then back to ours to complete your order.

*If your order has backorders, you may not be redirected to the PayPal site. This is because we do not take payment until your order is ready to ship. Once everything is in stock, we’ll send you a money request.

*Make sure your addresses are correct on our site. We do not verify any address information with PayPal.

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